Essay about planet mars kids

Mars, the red planet, and fourth planet from the sun. What is Mars really like, is it cold or hot, wet or dry? Can humans live on Mars, and if so how? For decades scientists have been studying Mars, they have been using rovers and from there they collected data, samples, and took pictures. If you have a chance to go to a country side where you may have a clear view of the sky at night, you probably will discover a red star. That is probably Mars. With its bright and reddish color, Mars stands out for and easily noticed since the ancient times Discovery.

Inastronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli discovered several crisscrossing lines on Mars that he believed to be the canals of water Discovery. Go along with the hypothesis that life existed on Mars, several processes. Mars Colony Essay For many years, people have envisaged a colony on Mars. Though the task may be daunting to some, the ideas and resources needed to sustain a colony on Mars is very important.

Life on Mars Essay

The similarities and differences between the ideas presented will be analyzed so that the ideas that will form the future for Earth can be used. Moreover, these ideas will also be compared and contrasted to those from the movie, The Martian. In the Mars-X colony, the government was a popular sovereignty. The other two groups that went up to Mars had something go wrong. Communicating had failed and they never returned. Maybe this why they never returned.

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People will be living on Mars bybut where is the next place we will colonize? When you think about the Earth what do you think of? The ocean? The grass?What if one day you come to know that there is life on Mars? For years together we have been trying to trace evidence of life on other planets in our solar system and beyond. There have been numerous space expeditions as well. The students of today should definitely be informed about the expectancy of life on other planets.

This will help them in understanding or space in a better manner. We have thus prepared some short essays for students which shall guide them towards their acquiring of knowledge of Mars. The essays have been written in a simple yet crisp language and are suitable for students for all classes and age groups.

Life on Mars is yet a matter of research for scientists.

Essay on Life on Mars

Mars is also known as the Red Planet and is right next to earth in the solar system. Surprisingly, images and evidence gathered in the past few years, confirm the existence of oxygen and water on the planet. Even if, there is no life on Mars until now, scientists strongly hope for the possibility of it. The reason is the presence of oxygen and water in the form of snow.

Both of these factors could play an essential role in the likelihood of life on Mars. Over the decades, all kinds of spacecraft and satellites have been put to work for collecting as much information about life on Mars as possible. So far, whatever has been known to us, is not enough to give any solid conclusion about whether life on Mars has ever existed or not. How will life on Mars be? If there was life on Mars, would it be possible for humans to live on it?

These questions have aroused the curiosity of many. Therefore, it would only be proper to understand what Mars is all about.

essay about planet mars kids

Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and the second smallest after Mercury in the solar system. It is popularly referred to as the red planet. Let us now consider the intricate details of this planet. There have been confirmations of water and magnetic fields previously protecting the planet.

essay about planet mars kids

Other scientists believe that water stills exist on Mars but because of its topography and atmosphere it would be salty. As a result, it is believed that the planet Mars has the environmental conditions necessary to support life.

The atmosphere of air on Mars is mostly carbon dioxide. Also, air on the planet is a hundred times thinner than that on planet earth. Hence, it would be difficult for humans to breathe on Mars without a spacesuit filled with oxygen.Scientists and Astronomers from around the world have collated evidences about the possibility of life on Mars.

The study about this planet is going on since decades and there is still a long way to go. Many spacecrafts have been sent on Mars in an attempt to understand whether life exists on this planet or is there any scope of inhabiting this planet in future.

This is an interesting subject of exploration and has caught the fancy of astronomers since long time. The environment of Mars is similar to that of earth in more than one way and this has been a reason for scientific explorations looking for signs of life on the planet.

Beginning in the 19 th century, the quest for life on mars continues even today. These Life on Mars essay will give you an elaborate but simple explanation of the previous explorations and researches for life on mars; why is it more likely to support life etc.

Facts about Mars

You can select any Life on Mars essay as per your interest and need and present during your class assignment, debate competition, speech, essay writing etc. The existence of life on Mars has been a subject of study since more than a century. Scientists have been trying to collate evidences to figure out whether life has ever existed on this planet or is it inhabited with people presently or if there is any possibility of life on Mars in the future.

The research done until now hints that there has never been any life on Mars nor is it inhabited with people currently.

essay about planet mars kids

However, the possibility of life on the red planet cannot be ruled out completely. Research shows that surface liquid water was present on Mars during the ancient Noachian period. This made for a habitable atmosphere for microorganisms. However, whether microorganisms ever penetrated on the planet is still a question. Research on the subject is still going on. Today, water on Mars exists in its solid state that is in the form of ice.

Scientists have been trying to conduct research on Mars by way of telescopes, spacecrafts and rovers that are helpful in collecting evidences about the condition and nature of this planet. It is interesting and exciting to learn that life on this planet may be possible as its atmosphere is quite similar to Earth. Mars is the fourth planet in the solar system.

It is positioned just next to Earth and thus scientists and astronomers believe that there could be a possibility of life on this planet just as our planet. The evidences about the presence of water and oxygen on Mars have raised hopes about the probability of life on Mars.

While the scientists keep sending spacecrafts and rovers on Mars to conduct their research, I often dream about going to the planet to understand if there are any people living there and whether life is actually possible on this planet or not. I wish I get some special powers to visit Mars and see how the planet really is. If I were on Mars, I would explore every bit of it to learn about it. I would live at different places on the planet to experience the variation in climate.

I want this planet to stay as pure as our Earth was during the beginning of the times. If I ever got a chance to be on Mars and manage things there, I would grow several plants and make sure the people who eventually come to live on the planet lead a simple life like that of a villager devoid of the high-tech gadgets that are ruining our planet, Earth. I will ensure that there is no pollution on the planet and urge the people living there to contribute in keeping the atmosphere clean.

I want people to learn from the mistakes made on Earth and avoid the same on Mars. We have almost destroyed our beautiful Earth.

I wish we do not do the same with the planet which is yet in its pure form. I have been reading news about the possibility of life on Mars since years and have always fancied how it would be like if life can actually be possible on this planet. How many of us will shift to this uninhabited planet and start our life there, how our relatives and friends living on Earth will plan trips to visit Mars, how would life on Mars actually be — will it be like that on Earth or different from it?Social media is one of many distractions that can occur if students are allowed tablets in schools, and technical problems such as compatibility with schools wireless services can prove difficult to enhance the learning experience.

Although there are some grievances about this new device entering the school systems, people should know that this is only going to further the learning process. Tablets are the new up and coming. The terrestrial planet Mars is a topic of conversation many scientists have been invested in for the past few centuries. V Schiaparelli in One might begin to ponder why Mars has been such a large interest in the astronomy field.

The red planet is a huge topic of debate because scientists believe there is a possibility. Recently, though, this idea has been becoming more and more realistic, with space organizations worldwide discussing future plans and missions to go to the red planet.

We are now at a point where the world is more capable than ever to achieve this goal with our collective information about the conditions on and of Mars, and vast space experience. There are, of course, many requirements and restrictions to doing this. Taking their lead from Starbucks and Godiva who experienced a 20 percent increase in chocolate sales over a 2 year periodMars Corporation created the chocolate lounges named after Ethel Mars, who founded the candy company with her husband Frank in Throughout the past decade, the rate of teenage automobile crashes has risen.

Teens have become more and more careless with their driving over the years. It may be the teens lack of experience or that they are just too young to have the responsibility of driving a car. As the years have gone by, teens have become more distracted while driving.

With their cell phones buzzing uncontrollably, the music blaring, and their friends yelling in the back seat; teens are having a hard time focusing on the. Personalities on the Mission to Mars The importance of psychology in space flight has been well documented and addressed by NASA and other organizations conducting space exploration.

A manned mission to Mars has no precedent. The Apollo missions to the moon are the most similar attempts at space exploration, but these were significantly shorter in duration, did not have the difficulties in communicating with earth that the huge distance between Earth and Mars poses, and the experiments performed.

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Colonize Mars? For many years people have wondered what could happen if humans lived on another planet. In recent years the technology to achieve this has been getting closer and closer. It has been predicted that humans could be on Mars by the year Knapton NP.

But should people even bother attempting to go to another planet? What would be gained by this? Is there a good reason to go? Although some may question the justification of going to Mars, humans should colonize Mars for the. If you have been tasked with writing a eulogy for a friend or a loved one, it is important that you take time to consider your own family and traditions, as well as your personal experiences with the loved one that has passed.

It is invaluable to explore the relationships that the deceased had with family and friends, considering everyone. Providing the accomplishments, hobbies and interest allows for the survivors to reminisce and. The Mars Experience One night I was in my bed dreaming about my dream vacation, the red planet, Mars.

In my dream I did many wonderful things. I climbed large mountains, swam in volcanoes, and was chased by insane martian animals. After about a day of enjoyable flying I arrived at Mars.

After gaining clearance, I took the massive ship in for a smooth landing at Mars' Universal Space Port.Mars, our neighbor planet, is the most explored planet in our solar system, the Milky Way.

Could We Have a Second Home on Mars?

We have taken a certain interest in Mars, because there is a possibility that it may have sustained life. It is also the most convenient and has the most hospitable climate. It has a solid care, liquid mantle, and thin.

Mars is the fourth planet from the sun at about million-km million miles and the last terrestrial planet from the sun. The next five planets in order from the sun are gaseous. Thus the force of gravity on Mars is about one-third of that on Earth.

Though it is much smaller, Mars does have the same surface land area as Earth. Other than Earth, Mars. Sincewhen the Viking Landers took off toward the red planet, people have been wondering if there is life on Mars. There have been questions of pictures taken from Mars and skepticism about why some of the recent landings have failed. Scientists, up till now, have been doubtful about life on Mars. Everything changed on August 7,when NASA and President Clinton told the world that a very primitive life form had been found in a meteorite, from Mars Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and the last of the solid, non-gas planets in our solar system.

Mars is the seventh largest planet in our solar system. The diameter is about 4, miles. The equatorial circumference is about 13, miles. One of the main reasons why scientists strongly believe that there is a good chance of life in Mars is because there is sufficient facts to imply that it had running water on its surface millions of years ago. This evidence supports scientists who believe that life existed at some point on Mars.

This data was discovered when the images taken from the Mars Reconnaissance. Mars, which is also known as the red planet, is the fourth planet away from the sun. It is the second smallest planet in the solar system after Mercury. Mars was named after the Roman god of war. In many Chinese cultures Mars was known as the fire star, which is a name that was based on the ancient Chinese, and was it was usually associated with war and death.

Mars has two moons; Phobos and Deimos. There have been many successful attempts to get a glimpse of the interesting planet, and scientists are still working on a better solution to get there.

The first rover to explore Mars was "Mariner 4", which arrived on November 28, It was a spacecraft designated to orbit the planet of Mars, but not to land.Introduction to Statistics (1. And, How Do I Know Which One to Choose.

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