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Smith, C. A view of the state created from images captured from Earth orbit. Authors: David A. Grimley, Barbara J. Stiff, Michael J. Andrew One 36" x 36" folded map. Features surface deposits and landforms, municipalities, parks and recreational areas, and roads. Pius Weibel and Samuel V. This map shows the location of postglacial and late glacial deposits such as river, beach, wind, and lake water deposits as well as other materials deposited during the Wisconsin, Illinois, and pre-Illinois episodes.

Loess is windblown silt that blankets the surface of large areas of Illinois. This map shows the thickness of loess deposits. Wisconsin Episode moraines arc across northern Illinois and indicate the position of temporary stationary ice fronts as the ice retreated.

File size: KB. A computer-generated map showing the elevation of the surface of the state. The Illinois Land Cover map was produced in resonse to the need for current, detailed information about the land, the raw material of Illinois.

Such information is essential to ensure wise land-use decisions and good land stewardship. Drift is the sequence of unconsolidated materials that overlies the bedrock throughout most of Illinois. This map shows the extent of Illinois' coal deposits; surface and underground mines, both active and inactive; coal transporation; and major coal-burning utilities. Richard C. Berg, Director E. Peabody Champaign, IL info isgs.

All rights reserved. For permissions information, contact the Illinois State Geological Survey. Skip to main content. Statewide Maps. Quaternary deposits of Illinois One Illinois Surface Topography. One 36" x 60" sheet; contains map, legends, descriptive text, and one figure. Satellite Image Map of Illinois. Buried Bedrock Surface of Illinois. One 33" x 60" map sheet, includes legend, 4 figures, and descriptive text. Bedrock Topography of Illinois.

Karst terrains and carbonate rocks of Illinois. Surficial Deposits of Illinois.Science Explorer. Multimedia Gallery. Park Passes. Technical Announcements. Employees in the News.

Emergency Management. Survey Manual. Initiated inthe CSMP has collected bathymetry and backscatter data that are being turned into habitat and geologic base maps. The simulated loads represent source inputs similar to and normalized to long-term average hydrologic conditions for the period from to through The U. National Geologic Map Database NGMDB serves as the authoritative, comprehensive resource for information about paper and digital geoscience maps and reports on the Nation's geology and stratigraphy, by all publishers.

The lab supports Geographic Information Systems GIS graphical, statistical, and spatial tools for analyses of planetary data, including the distribution of planetary GIS tutorials, tools, programs Meteor Crater is a m deep, 1. The goals for this website are to catalog completed geologic maps and to help track the progress of currently funded maps.

This geologic database of the Yucaipa 7. Geological Survey and the California Geological Survey. The database was developed as a contribution to the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program's National Geologic Map Database, and is intended to provide a general geologic setting of the Yucaipa quadrangle. The database and map provide information about earth materials and geologic structures, including faults and folds that have developed in the quadrangle due to complexities in the San Andreas Fault system.

The Yucaipa 7. Stratigraphic and structural elements include: 1 strands of the San Andreas Fault that bound far-traveled terranes of crystalline and sedimentary rock; 2 Mesozoic crystalline rocks that form lower and upper plates of the regionwide Vincent-Orocopia Thrust system; and 3 late Tertiary and Quaternary sedimentary materials and geologic structures that formed during the last million years or so and that record complex geologic interactions within the San Andreas Fault system.

These materials and the structures that deform them provide the geologic framework for investigations of geologic hazards and ground-water recharge and subsurface flow. Geologic information contained in the Yucaipa database is general-purpose data that is applicable to land-related investigations in the earth and biological sciences. The term "generalpurpose" means that all geologic-feature classes have minimal information content adequate to characterize their general geologic characteristics and to interpret their general geologic history.

However, no single feature class has enough information to definitively characterize its properties and origin. For this reason the database cannot be used for site-specific geologic evaluations, although it can be used to plan and guide investigations at the site-specific level. Flynn Creek crater is a 3. Users can explore additional data sets such as meter data and 1 kilometer data.

Likewise, users have the ability to zoom in to examine individual pixels.The extent, coverage and type of the maps available can be viewed using the MGS Geoplatform application. Most of the surficial geologic maps are available for the southern part of the lower peninsula while county scale bedrock geologic and bedrock topographic maps are available for northern part of lower peninsula.

There are limited mappings done in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Bedrock geology of Michigan.

Bedrock Geology of Michigan

Michigan Basin cross-section. Oil and gas wells in Michigan. Quaternary geology of Michigan. Stratigraphic nomenclature for Michigan.

Skip to main content. Mapping services of the survey are: The MGS Store provides map products and publications for purchase in digital format. The MGS Geoplatform application can be used to view the map availability. The Physiographic Map of Michigan shows the major physiographic regions of Michigan. USGS topo map for quadrangles in Michigan now available!

Miscellaneous maps and documents of Michigan Bedrock geology of Michigan Coal mine maps Michigan Basin cross-section Oil and gas wells in Michigan Quaternary geology of Michigan Stratigraphic nomenclature for Michigan.The majority of the files are in Adobe PDF format. If you download this catalog you can access the linked files without having to come back to the web site.

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Michigan County Map with County Seat Cities

This is a subset of the encyclopedic Digital Geology Library Catalog referenced above. Learn about maps, minerals and mastodons just to name a few. Most of the files are in Adobe PDF format. If you download this file you can access the linked files without having to come back to the web site. Word searching is possible in the catalog and most of the linked digital files. References and links have been selected for their association with mining.

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The GeoWebFace is one of the largest publically accessible record sets in Michigan. To help make information easy to find the GIS tools work with a comprehensive database. The intelligent links between maps, data and records make this application powerful yet easy to use.

When you access the GeoWebFace application what you need to do next is not intuitively obvious. The application is at: GeoWebFace Application. In addition to our regulatory duties, the OGS was responsible for geological mapping and applied research. Environmental Calendar, Events and Training. Browsers that can not handle javascript will not be able to access some features of this site.

Some functions of this site are disabled for browsers blocking jQuery.The geology of the Great Lakes basin consists of two fundamentally different successions of bedrock overlain by unconsolidated glacial clastic sediments. Bedrock in the more northern parts of the basin is composed of Precambrian metamorphosed igneous and sedimentary rocks. They formed during three major episodes between to million years ago with each followed by erosion for hundreds of millions of years.

After a long period of erosion beginning about million years ago ancient seas covered the Great Lakes basin off and on and Phanerozoic sedimentary rocks began to be deposited. They consist largely of shale, limestone, and sandstone on top of the Precambrian bedrock. These rocks are thickest in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan where they fill the Michigan basin. The action of glaciers in the past one-million years removed this younger Phanerozoic bedrock to expose the Precambrian in the north.

Upon retreat the glaciers left behind unconsolidated sediments that variably bury all of the bedrock in much of the Great Lakes basin. The Great Lakes region includes parts of eight states and the province of Ontario.

The region has a distinctive geologicalgeographic, economic, cultural, and historic identity.Milstein, Randall L. NGMDB product page for Kinderhookian series. MI :Although the Coldwater has the largest outcrop area of any Mississippian formation, it is inaccessible at most localities. Its exposures are limited to portions of Branch, Calhoun, and Hillsdale Cos in the southern part of the basin and Huron and Sanilac Cos in the Michigan thumb area.

Fossils in the uppermost portion of the Coldwater in the western part of the basin are Osagean in age, but the rest of the formation is Kinderhookian.

Bedrock geology of Michigan

Maximum thickness is about m in Iosco and Arenac Cos just north of Saginaw Bay, but is generally m in the eastern two-thirds of the basin and thins to about m in the western third. Unit consists predominantly of gray to bluish gray shale. Its clay minerals are chiefly illite and kaolinite with minor chlorite. Other lithologies occur in the Coldwater and their distributions divide the formation into distinct eastern and western facies.

In the eastern half of the basin, beds of silty and sandy shale, siltstone and fine-grained sandstone are common, and increase in abundance and coarseness to the west and up section.

michigan bedrock geology maps search

In the western half of the basin the Coldwater shales are more calcareous and beds of glauconitic, fossiliferous limestone and dolostone occur frequently especially in the middle and upper portions of the formation.

Two marker beds can be traced over long distances: the Lime and the Red Rock beds. The Lime occurs throughout the western part of the basin and is commonly 6 to 1 m thick. The Red Rock is more extensive and occurs in all parts of the basin except the extreme northeast. It is typically 3 to 6 m thick and locally reaches 15 m.You can look through the tips and follow the tipsters you like.

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michigan bedrock geology maps search

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michigan bedrock geology maps search

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