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A one-hit wonder is a musical artist who is successful with one hit song, but without a comparable subsequent hit. Music reviewers and journalists sometimes describe a musical artist as a one-hit wonder, based on their professional assessment of chart success, sales figures, and fame.


For the purpose of his book The Billboard Book of One-Hit Wondersmusic journalist Wayne Jancik defines a one-hit wonder as "an act that has won a position on Billboard ' s national, pop, Top 40 just once.

Eponymous bands are generally not separated; thus Charlie Daniels is not counted as a one-hit wonder for " Uneasy Rider " and the hits of the Charlie Daniels Band are credited to him. Fred Bronsona journalist and former writer for Billboard magazine, in his book Billboard's Hottest Hot Hitsuses the criterion that an artist is ineligible to be categorized as a "one-hit wonder" if they have a second song listed on the Billboard Hot In both cases, the Billboard Hot was used as an objective standard for one-hit wonder status, since Billboard magazine published the books.

Disc jockey and music writer Brent Mann points out how some artists have been called a "one-hit wonder" despite having other charting singles; in these cases, one signature song so overshadows the rest of the artist's discography that only that song remains familiar to later audiences. As an example, English-born singer Albert Hammond enjoyed success with " It Never Rains in Southern California " rising to number 5 in the US, but his follow-up single, " I'm a Train " was dismissed by Mann as "totally forgotten" even though it charted at number 31 in On the other hand, some artists with long, successful careers have been identified as one-hit wonders by virtue of having reached the Top 40 of the Hot only once.

Consequence of Sound editor Matt Melis lists Beck " Loser " and the Grateful Dead " Touch of Grey " as "technically" being one-hit wonders despite their large bodies of work.

Chris Molanphy says that an artist can only be seen as a "one hit wonder" if they have never had a second Billboard top 10 hit, if any subsequent top 40 singles were released within six months of their first big hit, and if the artist has not had three or more top 10 or Platinum albums. British singer Limahl sang lead vocal on two US one-hit wonder songs; the first, " Too Shy " incame during his tenure as the frontman for the group Kajagoogoo.

Each artist listed here has been identified by at least two publications as being a one-hit wonder in the U. Some artists listed here have reached the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot more than once.

The year indicates when the song charted or peaked. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia list article. Rex — " Get It On " [17] [] Dr. There It Is " [] [] Robin S. Saxobeat " [17] [] Gotye ft. The Man — " Feel It Still " [] []. Archived from the original on January 28, Retrieved November 19, Archived from the original on February 26, Retrieved August 3, Archived from the original on August 3, La historia se divide en secciones en las cuales nos cuenta diferentes puntos de vista de 4 personajes.

Cuando Auggie se acerca a la edad de escuela secundaria, Isabel y Nate deciden inscribirlo en Beecher Prep, una escuela privada. Auggie lo invita a su casa y se vuelven mejores amigos. Ya en el presente, en Navidad, Summer y Auggie van a una colina para deslizarse al igual que Jack pero sin decir nada.

Browne y la Sra. Jack se disculpa con Auggie, y Auggie acepta. Antes de irse, Julian se disculpa con el director Tushman por acosar a Auggie. Auggie recibe los aplausos de todos los presentes, incluyendo a Julian, pero en especial de sus amigos Jack Will, Summer, sus profesores y familiares. Wonder fue programada para estrenarse en los Estados Unidos el 7 de abril de por Lions Gate Entertainment.

De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre. Julia Roberts como Isabel Pullman. Owen Wilson como Nate Pullman. Jacob Tremblay como August "Auggie" Pullman. Danielle Rose Russell como Miranda. Noah Jupe como Jack Will. Millie Davis como Summer. Bryce Gheisar como Julian. Mandy Patinkin como Mr. Tushman "Traseronian". Daveed Diggs como Sr. Browne Ali Liebert como Sra. Petosa Ty Consiglio como Amos.Commodore Nutt April 1, — May 25, was an American entertainer.

He was a midget. Inhe was touring New England with a circus when P. Barnum gave Nutt the stage name Commodore Nutt, a wardrobe that included naval uniformsand a miniature carriage in the shape of an English walnut. Nutt became one of the Museum's major attractions. See the pages of the Wikimedia Foundation Governance wikitoo.

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This is a big deal, and a reminder of a key dynamic in the debate about ID. What the public hears about that debate is often highly misleading. The discussion of design evidence is affected as well by an absence of voices that, in a sensible world, would be in the thick of it. We know many of them, and keep private channels of communication open. At Evolution Newswe have documented a range of instances of censorship and intimidation. Rarely, though, do the censors reveal themselves as clearly as in the case of Wikipedia versus Bechly.

Wikipedia editors typically employ pseudonyms. But a discussion page records the deliberations of editors and others on the decision to delete Dr. It makes for a fascinating and revealing read. Enormously influential in forming opinion, Wikipedia relies on volunteer editors who may have zero experience in the areas that catch their attention.

Do these unpaid editors have jobs? So when it comes to anything related to ID, Wiki editors have rigid and not altogether surprising biases. They are lightning fast at erasing corrections to pages they care about. So a pseudonymous editor recommended getting rid of Dr. In an eerie replay of his experience with the museum, which deleted his webpages, Bechly is now erased.

Now, it maybe [ sic ] also appropriate to point out that I was not even aware that this person was some kind of creationist or whatever when I put this article up for deletion. I simply saw it a while ago by looking at someone elses [ sic ] edit it [ sic ] and decided to check the sources, which I do regularly, and saw that they were very lacking. I then checked the talkpage which had already brought up the issue of notability. I felt a [ sic ] AFD [Articles for deletion] was a good idea.

It belongs to a computer science professor at UC Irvine. I have written to Eppstein to ask this question; I am waiting to hear back.What's new New posts Latest activity. Log in Register. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. High Schools Colleges Menu. High Schools. Big Big East. Big Ten.

Atlantic Conference USA. Junior College. Mountain West. Sun Belt. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I wonder who killed the DNC staffer?? And what happened to the Fahmy Malak wikipedia page? ArchieMillerTime Hall of Famer.August or "Auggie" Pullman, a ten-year-old boy living in New York City, was born with a facial deformity that has made it difficult for him to make friends.

He lives with his parents, his older sister Via, and his dog Daisy. He has been homeschooled up until the fifth grade, but his parents have decided that it is time for him to go to a real school. They enroll him in Beecher Prep, a neighborhood private school, and take him to meet the principal, Mr.

While August is there, some of the kids who will be in August's grade take him on a tour of the school; one of them, Jack Willis nice, but another, Julian, is noticeably rude. Auggie settles into the first few months of school and his classmates slowly get used to the way his face looks.

He becomes friends with Jack, and with a girl named Summer who sits with him at lunch on the first day. Apparently, a rumor that touching Auggie will give you the "plague" arises, so his classmates make a point of avoiding touching him, so that Auggie begins to feel alienated. Things get a lot worse on Halloween, typically Auggie's favorite day of the year, when Auggie overhears Jack say to Julian and some other boys that he would kill himself if he looked like Auggie.

Jack is completely unaware that Auggie himself is sitting nearby, disguised in a Bleeding Scream costume. The story switches perspective to Via, Auggie's older sister, who begins high school at the same time that Auggie starts middle school. Via has had to come to terms with the fact that her family's universe revolves around Auggie and his needs; hers often get pushed to the side. The only person who put her first was her grandmother, Granswho is dead by the time the narrative begins.

Via is also dealing with school issues, since her former best friends, Miranda and Ellastopped talking to her over the summer. Via feels neglected after the first day of school, since her mother appears more concerned with Auggie's day than with hers. A rift continues to grow between Via and her former friends, and Via settles into new group. On Halloween, Via is confused when Auggie comes home early, claiming to be sick and refusing to go trick or treating.

He reveals to her what happened with Jack, and she convinces him that some kids will always be mean. Auggie, according to her, must move past such dilemmas and keep going to school. Auggie surprises Via by telling her that Miranda called to talk to him, and asked about her.

Next comes Summer's point of view. Summer spends time with Auggie because she legitimately wants to be his friend, not because Mr. Tushman asked her to.

Since Auggie is mad at Jack, Summer becomes his best friend, and their two families hit it off as well. Summer struggles over whether to keep hanging out with Auggie or to hang out with the popular crowd instead, but ultimately chooses Auggie.

The next section is told from Jack's perspective, and he backtracks to when Mr. Tushman first asked him to try to be a friend to the new student. He remembers seeing Auggie when they were both very little: at this earlier time, Jack was disconcerted by Auggie's face.Wonder is a children's novel by Raquel Jaramillo, under the pen name of R. Palacio[2] published on 14 February Palacio wrote Wonder after an incident where her son noticed a girl with a severe facial difference and started to cry.

Fearing he would react badly, Palacio attempted to remove her son from the situation so as not to upset the girl and her family but ended up worsening the situation. Natalie Merchant's song " Wonder " made her realize that the incident could illustrate a valuable lesson.


Palacio was inspired by Merchant's lyrics and she began writing. She named the book directly after the song and used the song's chorus as the prologue of the first chapter. Several spin-offs, including the calendar book Days of Wonder: Mr. Browne's Book of Precepts [4] and Auggie and Me have been published. The book begins with the words: "You could say I'm just like any normal kid. I have a family, I have a computer, I have an Xbox ". August "Auggie" Pullman then talks about his family, and then it skips to: "My name is August.

I won't describe what I look like. Whatever you're thinking, it's probably worse".

He has a medical condition, often equated with Treacher Collins syndromewhich has left his face disfigured. Due to his condition, August has been home-schooled by his mother; however, wanting him to experience a larger world, his parents enroll him into Beecher Prep, a private school, for the start of fifth grade.

Auggie has a sister, Olivia "Via" Pullman, who is older than he is and often puts her brother's needs before her own. Before his first day of school, Auggie's mother takes Auggie to the school to meet the principal, Mr.

Tushman, who also invites three other students — Jack Will, Charlotte, and Julian — to take him around, and help him start getting the feeling of what it's like to be with other people.

Auggie is immediately bullied by Julian, who acts "like an angel" in front of teachers.